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Please read the following rules before joining!

How many deviations can I submit?

:bulletblue: We allow two submissions per day.

:bulletblue: To the FEATURED folder
This is where we showcase the best of what our members have to offer. Any submission made to this folder is subject to THREE votes from our admins.
Keep in mind, this folder is subjective in that we only accept those we see adequate!
If your submission was declined here, resubmit it to another folder.

(The featured folder is the privilege for our admins artworks, also.)

What kind of art can I submit to this group?

:bulletorange: You may only submit FINISHED artworks

What is an incorrect folder placement?

:bulletgreen: If the folder you submitted to doesn't match your artwork's category.
This applies to all categories like Fan Art, Manga and Anime as well.

:bulletgreen: Please make sure to select the correct folder! It helps to give admins less to decline and makes the submission process much faster!

(for example, a piece categorised as 3-Dimensional should be submitted to the 3-Dimensional folder)


:bulletred: WE DON'T ACCEPT: photographs, traditional work, literature, screenshots, journals, unfinished artworks (including unfinished or half-finished sketches) or self promoting advertisements

:bulletred: We DO NOT accept nudity, porn, violent content, or any piece with a mature content filter on.
If you submit multiple pieces that break this rule, we will ban you. If you are unsure about your artwork, please ask us.

Why was my submission declined?

There can be a number of reasons:

:bulletred: Your artwork was submitted to the wrong folder.
:bulletred: Your submission to "featured" was declined because
we didn't find it suitable.
:bulletred: Your artwork is too perverted/demoralizing or
contains too heavy content.
:bulletred: Your submission was a photograph, traditional work, literature, journal or a WIP.
:bulletred: Your artwork was not created through a digital programme or was tagged as traditional. It MUST be completely digital!
:bulletred: Your artwork has unsightly watermarks that deface the intended image.

Please make sure to respect our rules.
Thank you and enjoy your time here!

More/other Issues? READ!

These are the basic admin rules which are followed by our team.

If there is an issue please report it to us.

These are the basic admin rules which are followed by our team.
If there is an issue or admins don't follow them,
please report them and make a screenshot to prove it.

1. Manners:
Be polite! If an admin is acting rude, please report immediately. In addition, do not be rude yourself! Admins can and will block you from the group if your behaviour is unruly.
2. Erotic images/Pornography:
This is art that is clearly meant to be sexual, whether it only accentuates certain body parts or fully depicts a sexual act. This includes suggestive material such as panty shots, people touching themselves, hinted rape, having sex with other humans or species, over-exaggerated privates, etc. Our group doesn't accept them, full stop.
We also do not accept furry, MLP, etc. porn. If the original production was intended for children, WE DON'T WANT TO SEE PORN OF IT.
3. Blood and gore policy:
If there's a small amount of blood in the artwork, that's N

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#2: Artist Spotlight

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 11, 2016, 6:22 AM

deviantART Groups   Welcome back to the Artist Spotlight!  deviantART Groups 

Here we feature artists you vote for via Polls and ask them about their art, from where they started and where they are today.

We'll do more spotlights in future and hope they will be helpful, encourage others and give advice.

Well then, let's start with the awesome


(happy to see that he's from germany, like me ^^)

we asked him some interesting questions. This is what he answered. I am a dummy! 

1. How long have you been drawing and what made you want to start?

I've been practically drawing "my whole life", means I never stopped drawing when I became older, but I have been putting in actual practice only for 4-5 years now. Before that I was merely okay.
I think everyone has a vivid imagination as a child and I just wanted to express that on paper. Also, I wanted to create all that cool stuff I saw in videogames and movies back then which inspired me a lot. Things like The Neverending Story, The Last Unicorn or Princess Mononoke or games like Golden Sun and Final Fantasy.

2. What is your favorite subject to draw?

I think my most favourite subjects right now are water and tropical, surreal settings. I'm just fascinated with oceans. I guess it's a deep sensation for me that stems from Besaid Island, that beautiful place in Final Fantasy X ;)
Overall there are just so many possibilites for design with that theme and it also feeds my urge for escapism.
And light is also another thing I love to draw and bend

3. What inspires you most when drawing?

Besides what I mentioned above, I'm inspired by the journey that is art.
You are never done being an artist and the more you learn, the more you realize that there is so much more to learn. It's just fun to hone your skills and finally get things right you failed at some months ago.
And it inspires me that I could practically make whole imaginated worlds come true, if I get good enough. It's just my thing.

4. Whats your favorite program you use for drawing on the computer?

My favourite program is and probably will ever be Adobe Photoshop, right now I use CS6 but I might use CC later, I don't know yet.
I started with CS 2 back then and every non-Adobe program I tried on the way just didn't do it for me.
On the side I sometimes use SketchUp, Sculptris or DAZ Studio for small 3D tasks or because I suck at perspective.

5. If you could give any advice to a newcomer artist what would it be?

Lots of things but generally: Draw from life, learn the fundamentals like perspective, anatomy or color theory (I'm still encountering major problems while drawing because I didn't ), look at the old masters and set small goals to no get discouraged along the way. Listen to critique and try to apply it, no one is born a master so take these hints into consideration but also with a grain of salt. Plus, I'm convinced that everyone can get on pro level if you invest hard work, discipline and passion.

6. What are your goals with your art?

My dream always was making art for videogames or making videogames myself with the use of my art. Animating short films would be an option, too.
I wan't to inspire people to start being creative, just like I was inspired when I was a child. I think overall I want to make a change somewhere, somehow and broaden someone's horizon.

7. what are your favorite colors to use and why?

My favourite colors are turquoise and azure, and secondary everything in the range of blue and green. They just feel very natural and refreshing to me. I guess there is this fascination for the ocean again. :)

8. whats your definition of art?

That is hard. I guess for me it's the expression of what moves people, with the use of certain tools. And I think it is important that there is skill involved in the process because for exampe I don't see modern art on par with old masters' paintings. IMO you can't just put a household object in a room, give it a meaning and call it art, because for me it simply isn't.
But that is the thing with art, that you can't really define it.

Thanks a lot for that kind and detailed interview! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] 

As always guys, be creative, keep submitting and stay tuned! See ya! Blowkiss valentine fella (Love) 

Make sure to check out his incredible gallery:


Arrival // Where the journey ends by ExitMothership 
 Relic Beach by ExitMothership Here by ExitMothership  
The Adder Stone Mangrove by ExitMothership
Through Tides by ExitMothership

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Here we are! This is our team!
We will help you whenever you need some! If there are questions or something, feel free to contact us! Have fun!




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