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Group Info Super Group Founded 6 Years ago Statistics 9,276 Members
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Welcome! Please read the rules before joining!

Group logo Haptic by Fablekiss by KanoeShirota

Please read the following rules before joining!

How do I join this group?

:bulletred: To join our group, simply press the "join group" button. Requests are approved automatically.

How many deviations can I submit?

:bulletblue: We only allow two submission per day.

:bulletblue: We accept all skill levels of art to any folder as long as they're categorized correctly and contain no adult content.

:bulletblue: Our FEATURED folder is where we get choosy. We only accept those we find suitable! If your submission to the Featured folder was declined, you are free to choose a different folder to resubmit.

What kind of art can I submit to this group?

:bulletorange: You may only submit FINISHED artworks

:bulletorange: We DON'T accept mature content/ gore/ violent content anymore.

:bulletorange: WE ALSO DON'T ACCEPT: photographs, traditional work, literature, screenshots, journals, unfinished artworks or self promoting advertisements

What is an incorrect folder placement?

:bulletgreen: If the folder you submitted to doesn't match your artwork's category. For example, submitting a piece categorised as 'Fan Art' to one of our Digital Art folders. Yes, your piece was created digitally, but so are all other pieces we accept here. We'd rather you submit such a piece to a Fan Art folder to keep things organised :) This applies to other categories--Cartoons and Comics, Manga and Anime, Designs and Interfaces, etc.--as well.

:bulletgreen: If you don't know where to submit, please ask us and we will assist you.

Why was my submission declined?

There can be a number of reasons:

:bulletred: Your artwork was submitted to the wrong folder.
:bulletred: Your submission to "featured" was declined because
we didn't find it suitable.
:bulletred: Your artwork is too perverted/demoralizing or
contains too heavy content.
:bulletred: Your submission was a photograph, traditional work, literature, journal or a WIP.
:bulletred: Your artwork was not created through a digital programme or was tagged as traditional. It MUST be completely digital!
:bulletred: Your artwork has unsightly watermarks that deface the intended image.

Please make sure to respect our rules.
Thank you and enjoy your time here!

Group logo Haptic2 by Fablekiss by KanoeShirota

C copyright: Our mascot "Haptic" was done by

Group Info

Super Group
Until Jan 9, 2017

Founded 6 Years ago
Mar 15, 2010


Group Focus
Art Creation

Media Type
Digital Media

9,276 Members
8,252 Watchers
162,999 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Dear members,

after a long discussion about adult content and how to judge them, we decided that we won't accept them any longer and removed the folder completely.  
From now on, submitted artworks including mature content will be declined immediately.

Thank you so much for understanding! As always keep up drawing and stay tuned! A nice weekend to everyone. :)
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Information: GROUP ISSUE? - READ!

These are the basic admin rules which are followed by our team.

If there is an issue or admins don't follow them,
please report them and make a screenshot to prove it.

1. Manners:

Be polite! If an admin is acting rude, please report immediately. In addition, do not be rude yourself! Admins can and will block you from the group if your behaviour is unruly.

2. Suggestive pictures policy:

If there is no nudity and the image shows work was put into it, the artwork will mostly be accepted. The only time we might bend this rule is if the picture is somehow demoralising - like clearly offensive panty shots.

3. Pornography:

This is art that shows a sexual act being performed. This includes people touching themselves, hinted rape, having sex with other humans or species, over-exaggerated privates, etc. Our group doesn't accept them, full stop.

We also do not accept furry, MLP, etc. porn. If the original production was intended for children, WE DON'T WANT TO SEE PORN OF IT.

4. Blood and gore policy:

If there's a small amount of blood in the artwork, that's NOT a problem. What we are concerned about is gore - lots of blood, a person's insides hanging out, Organs and so on - and other heavy and offensive content. Our admins are allowed to decline them.

If there are questions or issues please contact the founder Hikari or Co-Founders. Thank you!


Here we are! This is our team!
We will help you whenever you need some! If there are questions or something, feel free to contact us! Have fun!






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Joelblu Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Wondering why my submissions were declined???
ZakuFox-Kun Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Professional Writer
We clearly state in our rules if your submissions to Featured were declined, they didn't meet our standards. You are free to resubmit to a regular folder.
Joelblu Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
That is the confusion. the quality of art in the Featured section is all over the place so i guess i'm confused about what the standards are.
ZakuFox-Kun Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Professional Writer
As stated in the rules, our standards for the Featured folder are completely subjective, based entirely on the admins' preferences. In addition, images submitted to Featured are subjected to three votes from admins, so it isn't what only one admin sees fit to be included. Again, you are free to submit to a regular folder.
The-Benjamin-Chu Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2016  Student General Artist
Hi Joel. I am not sure why they were declined but most likely your submissions were either put in the wrong folder and one of our lovely staff members commented saying to put it in the correct folder (which they will specify which folder to put it in). Hopefully this is the reason and if not, I'm sure you can try to submit again and I will look at it this time.
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